new 52 etrigan power level

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what it said

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He hasnt had many appearances in the New 52 except for the canceled Demon Knights Series, I have not read that one but you can look it up if you are interested and if no one else replies.

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In Demon Knights he is a powerhouse. His durability is high enough to withstand magical blasts from Morgan La Fey and his firebreath is pretty much a showstopper. it incinerates vampires (nor sure if week to fire) who are strong enough to fight amazons. Most conventional attacks with piercing or slicing weapons have little effect on him even when wielded by super human strength. He grows weaker the longer he stays on the earth plane and needs to rejuvinate in hell for a time.

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@savagedragon: Basically quite a step down from per 52 Etrigan.

This needs to be rectified.

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