More diamonds in the dust Part 1

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Encouraged by my discovery of a issue of The Demon #7 some time ago, I decided to return to the source and see what else I could find and find out if i could duplicate my success. And boy did I! I went to the same dusty box and almost immediately found The Demon #11. The cover was just as good as the cover on The Demon #7. Commanding the cover was Baron Von Evilstein (one of the best villian-y names I've ever heard) monster. Lee Kirby did an amazing job doing the cover. The story inside was just fun, if not more fun, as #7 of The Demon. All I have to say that if you are a old school horror movie fan, this is something you will want to buy. My only regret is that this issue ends in a good cliffhanger and that i will be forced to sift through boxes and the internet to find #12. I managed to snag this ish for $8.00.

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keep an eye out for part two.

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