Etrigan's witty rhymes

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I love Etrigan! I love everything about him, but I love his rhymes the most. I don't have a lot of books with him in them sadly, so I'm creating this thread where we can make a collection of all his rhymes. So dust off those old Etrigan collections and start searching for his rhymes and post them here. You can post anything: dialogue, spells, threats, ANYTHING.
I'll start with the poem that released him:
Yarva Demonicus Etrigan.
Change, change the form of man.
Free the prince forever damned.
Free the might from fleshy mire.
Boil the blood in heart of fire.
Gone, gone the form of man,
Rise the demon Etrigan!

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I haven't read much stories featuring Etrigan but he had a couple of good rhymes in The Demon Annual #2.
Is it a bird
or is it a plane?
No--'tis a flatulent,
flying fat ali-en!
Oops, there
I go now, pushing
my rhymes! P'raps
't would be best
just to lay off
the wine! 

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Tis Glonth' they call you? You great stupid mutt! I much prefer Fatso... the Trampoline Gut
A cold day in Hell is something one shall never see! But for the planet Earth -- it might as well be
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YES! I love me some Demon Knights! Here is the rhyme that Merlin uses to trap Etrigans soul to Jason Bloods!

Caught now, Imprisoned

In the form of man

I fix the Demon


And my personal favorite Etrigan rhyme involves my good friend Vandal Savage.

Etrigan: Out side it seems a terrible beast

But lets find out...


Vandal Savage: A FEAST!!!!!

Issue #2 Demon Knights New 52

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But I'm not a rapper

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Etrigan's appearance in one story arc of Saga of Swamp Thing had a bunch of awesome rhymes written by Alan Moore. There are too many and too long to type out here, but this is one of my favorites:

"I shed no tear for those that die unshriven. For they are men. Just men.
And what are men but chariots of wrath...
by demons driven!"

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