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Types of Bullets

  1. Bull: strength able to blast though walls and send target flying
  2. Rabbit: ricochets though walls until it hits the target
  3. Tiger: pounces on the target and pierces them crippling the foe.
  4. Rat: will go though the smallest hole in walls or pile of rocks or any vulnerable spots
  5. Roster: flies around in a circle than attacks the target
  6. Dog: will hunt down the target as soon his/her scent
  7. Snake: slithers around the floor, than wraps the target, finally striking the target
  8. Monkey: swing around just like a monkey until it hits the target
  9. Horse: moves at high speed bullet burning anything in its path until it hits the target. Speed not measured.
  10. Pig: causes a massive explosion
  11. Dragon: incinerates target even if they have the Eto’s symbol. This bullet is the only bullet that kills

How to use the gun

In order to use the Eto Gun the symbol must be burn on to the hand. The Symbol can be found on the gun grip. Each bullet requires the essence of one of the 11 animals. The dragon is combination of all 11 animals. The essence be anything from the animal. the animal must have a fighting spirit and can not be docile.

If gun is use for evil purposes it will start to break but it will be repaired if used for good. the Eto Gun will not hurt anyone with Eto symbol burn on their hand unless it is a dragon bullet

Wielders of the Eto Gun




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