What does L.A.M.P. mean? Put guesses here...

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[Ethan] Lance: Always Mad Programmer

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Late After Midnight Party

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I really do wonder what it means...

I don't think it's Lake Acidification Mitigation project lol

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Laughter After Maniacal Plans?

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Maybe it doesnt have a meaning and that was the whole idea to begin with!

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Dr. Victor von Doom says:

"Maybe it doesnt have a meaning and that was the whole idea to begin with! "

that's just boring...

I think it means Lord of All Manipulative People

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Red L.A.M.P. says:

LAMP is an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP. It's the main code platform Comicvine was built off of.

there ya have it folks, said from Lamp himself

Shatterstar hit it on the head

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I'm still for:

Red Los Angeles Male Prostitute = Indian guy who works as a prostitute and lives in L.A. :D


Red Liquor Amphetimine Morpium Pills = Red Drugs xD

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Probably the first one.

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