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Ethan is a Young man from the city of Pennystown. He is sort of a lame that has a lack luster life, he and his friend Merv work at a local store. He has trouble reading signs from woman, he thinks most of them are all a like, however he is the type of person to hold most of his feelings in. Early on he was in a harsh "break up" with girl friend Taylor, he was looking for a reason to get back at her so he flirted with a local floozy named Alexis to get back with her, however this ended up in argument between Ethan and the ladies of the bar. It was at that moment that a loud "Boom" was heard city wide. Writing it off as a storm Ethan drove home, however on his way home; he noticed a naked woman standing in the streets.Conflicted over what to do with her; he took her home and gave her a place to stay. When he decided to report what he had saw to the police, the naked woman seduced him and he had sex with her. The next day he and the local law officer WES as well as Taylor checked the apartment out to see what they could find, and they were surprised to see that the woman had laid eggs and they had hatched. The naked clones attacked Taylor, however Wes was in the way so he too was attacked. A farmer by the name of Ted, and his son were hunting the woman for killing his wife. During the argument between Ethan and Ted, the clones attacked the crowd, and it was then that Ted told; that the woman only attacked other woman. Eventually the naked woman took over the town; causing the locals to evacuate, however a dome had been placed over the city, so no one could enter, or leave. the city of Pennystown banned together under the tough leadership of ALICE, however the men kept sleeping with the naked woman causing more and more eggs to be produced. In the end it came down to one final battle between the naked woman and the city, even though the city had taken lost, they were able to defeat the women, and bring peace to the little 

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