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          Detective Yin: We've really lost him,  
               haven't we, Wayne? 
                   Bruce Wayne: Ethan has passed the  
                      point of no return. Now, only Clayface remains. 
                                                        (The Batman: Meltdown)


 Detective Bennett
Ethan Bennett Is the best friend of Bruce Wayne. Bruce has known Ethan since high school. However, Detective Yin thinks that Bruce is just being friends with Ethan so that he can be above the law, which is not true at all. Ethan has many times worked with Batman to stop criminals and to bring them to justice.  
Bruce even considered telling Ethan that he was Batman, but this never happened because Ethan turned into Clayface. Bruce has many times tried to make a cure for Ethan, but because of Ethan being exposed to Joker's chemicals it made him crazy. So Ethan decided to become a villain and start his criminal career.     
Ethan is cured when he helped the Batman to stop Basil Karlo. In the fourth season episode ''Artifacts'' Ethan is the Chief of Gotham PD in the year 2027

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