Who is the opposite of Eternity?

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Eternity is the embodiment of time, reality and all living things over all universes. So, who is the opposite of this abstract entity? I found four possible beings: 
- Oblivion: Embodiment of non-existence. I know he is the opposite of Infinity, but by definition he should be the opposite of Eternity. 
- Death: Embodiment of Death and official opposite of this being as his role of embodiment of all living things. But Death should be the opposite of the Phoenix Force. 
- Abraxas: An abstract entity and embodiment of destruction. He was the opposite of Eternity when he appeared and was sealed in Eternity. 
- Chaos King: He is the void before the Multiverse came into existence (apparently, he is not the void of the New Universe or the Ultraverse). He was the opposite of Eternity in Chaos War. 
Who do you think is the real embodiment, I give my vote to Oblivion, what do you think?
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Eternity and Infinity are described as opposite sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other.

Death was originally the opposite of Eternity. Since Oblivion is the opposite of Infinity, technically both Death and Oblivion are opposites.

Abraxas and Mikaboshi are plot devices. Galactus is said to keep Abraxas in check, yet he's died several times and Abraxas has only appeared the one time. The Chaos King is frankly just poor writing for a poor story arc, written to specifically make Hercules a stronger character. I find it unfathomable that any regular planetary god could just become something equal to Eternity. It's just lazy writing.

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It's Death.

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I say Death

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@jloneblackheart: THANK YOU SO MUCH! i just said the exact same thing in a nother forum. Chaos King is a huge plot device!! I was sooo angry when I heard about him.I agree with everything you just said!

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@Hyperlight: I just don't get why the writers think the only good event is a "universe ending" consequence or a nearly omnipotent enemy. If they would just focus on characters and not events, we'd get better stories.

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