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Current Events

Eternal Warrior is an active member of Unity and is helping the fledgling team to stop Dr. Silk and his high-tech terror cell Webnet from releasing a deadly designer virus around the world.


The greatest fighter from an age when the sword was the law, Gilad was ancient before the rise of the Pharaohs, and shall survive the fall of nations yet to come. Gilad Anni-Padda is the youngest of three eternal brothers. His siblings are Ivar (Timewalker) and Aram (Armstrong). They all are immortal and were born before recorded history. Gilad is the Fist and Steel of those who guard the earth, the Geomancers, and his battle is never-ending.


The Eternal Warrior was created by Jim Shooter, Bob Layton and Barry Windsor-Smith. He first appeared in the story "The Man Who Killed The World / Alpha & Omega Part 10" in Solar, Man of Atom #10 (1992).


For the Valiant relaunch, Eternal Warrior was re-introduced by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Clayton Henry.

Major Story Arcs

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior

Gilad vs. Aram

The Eternal Warrior is sworn to protect the Geomancers, humans who have a special bond with the spirit of Earth. When the current Geomancer is accidentally killed by Obadiah Archer, Gilad must track down young Obie and exact revenge. However Archer happens to be one half of Archer & Armstrong and the other half is Gilad's immortal older brother whom he hasn't spoken to in decades. Armstrong tries to protect his best buddy from his brother but the relentless Gilad eventually catches up to them and the duo's only solution now is to find a new Geomancer.

Archer & Armstrong eventually track down the new Geomancer Kay McHenry who convinces Gilad to not obliterate the duo. The new allies then go on to stop The Null, a cult of The Sect obsessed with ending all of existence.


Gilad vs. Aric

Gilad appears to Aric, the wielder of the X-O Manowar armor, and tells him that his plan to establish a Visigoth kingdom in Romania is wrong. It is revealed that he was a trainer of Aric sixteen centuries ago, and a counselor of sorts to his uncle. Gilad and Aric do battle, and at first, Gilad has the upper hand due to his experience and strength. Aric eventually dons the armor and soon gains the upper hand as the two trade blows with swords. Aric manages to get behind him and breaks his arm. Aric sees the crown of his uncle is broke and Gilad simply heals and tells Aric whatever happens is on his head before leaving.

Sword of the Wild

Gilad in 6,000 BC

In 6000 BC, Gilad was serving as the Fist and Steel of Earth and was locked in battle with the forces of Nergal, a death God. During the battle, during the battle Gilad's son Mitu was murdered by his own sister Xaran who wanted to prove she should be the protector of the Earth. Centuries later, a disillusioned Gilad had relinquished his role as earth's defender only to return to action when Xaran returned with the news of Nergal's imminent return. Gilad reluctantly teamed up with his murderous daughter to once again become the Fist and Steel of Earth.

Powers and Abilities

The Eternal Warrior possesses thousands of years of fighting experience and is a veteran of countless wars. He is a master tactician and one of the greatest warriors on Earth. Gilad is an immortal with exceptional strength, inhuman durability and endurance, with the ability to heal from almost any wound. He is versed in nearly every combat style known to man as well as a weapons expert. Due to his immortality, Gilad is much less affected by the ravages of time.

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