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Eternal warrior issue 1

I went into this with very high expectations as other reviewers and my fellow viners have been giving it high praise. The cover i got, which i believe was a variant(the one where he is just standing there holding an axe and a sword), looked awesome and Greg Pak's name was on the it was valiant and i have not heard a single bad word about Valiant. So i gave it a's my review.

The Story (may contain spoilers):

So the story begins in the beginning of what seems to be a major battle. Warriors are being prepared for this battle and are then attacked by these drugged monsters of men.Then you are treated to a nice splash page of Gilad preparing to hit something with his axe (man i hope this axe is his signature weapon like mjolnir for thor and the claws for wolverine) which looked great. not my favorite art but certainly very good. This book is action packed and filled with emotional moments and this is where i have my first complaint. the moments are emotional but you haven't gotten to know any of these rather than it being emotional you end up thinking "this is an emotional moment." which doesn't ruin the book it just doesn't feel like anything really. I wouldnt panic though e=because Pak is a good writer and he is likely setting up something great (look what he did with just 4 issues of batman/superman). this story starts off in ancient Mesopotamia and seemingly ends up in the present. and this book ends with a pretty big surprise. something i sure wasn't expecting.

The good:

dialogue was good

story was pretty good.

this may sound harsh but this was a very "good" issue. nothing great...yet.

The Bad:

the art was too gritty for my taste but it was still very good.....i hope that makes sense.....

The Score:

all in all i feel this issue was worth the mney. i feel like this will be a great issue at the end of the arc when you can see what Pak was trying to do. i would say its worth the price of admission ad if you have an extra 4 bucks you should give it a shot

Eternal Warrior issue 1 gets......a 3.......out of 5

Posted by AllStarSuperman

the second issues even better, plus when it switches times theres 2 different artists, so it gives its own flavor. i definitely hope you stick with the book. its already one of my favorites.

Posted by SOG7dc

@allstarsuperman: I'll pick it up in trade. I keep hearing good things about this.

Edited by AllStarSuperman

@sog7dc: ok. just read it eventually.

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