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Sister Esther

The granddaughter of the Queen of Albion , Esther was sent to to Istvan to prevent an assassins attempt on her life. daughter of the late Prince Gilbert who was killed just after her birth by the would be killers who sought after her, Ester brought up in Istvan in a nunnery and took the mantle as a nun, she was taught by Bishop Laura Vitez, who loved was like a mother to young Ester.

While she was traveling Esther meets Abel Nightroad a young clumsy priest of the AX during an attack on Count Gyula's City Military Police as the leader of a band of rebels called the Partisans who worked to oust Count Gyula's tyranny over Istavan. After a vampire kills one of the clergy and Bishop Laura is killed in a subsequent church bombing, Esther goes with Abel to Gyula's home to stop his plans and rescue the captured Dietrich. The meeting of Esther and Abel differs between adaptations. In the manga series, Esther meets Abel while smuggling drugs with Dietrich. In the anime series, much of the Star of Sorrow arc is changed, starting with the meeting which occurs when Esther appears at Gyula's home to escort Abel to Saint Matthias. Esther had also murdered Colonel Lattikar to avenge the earlier murder of Bishop Laura. She and Abel are captured by Gyula's soldiers and Dietrich is killed at the church before it is burnt to the ground. After being captured, Abel and Esther has killed the other, and that he must leave. Realizing she can make a difference in the world, Esther faces her destiny and is crowned Queen of Albion .

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