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Eson was the Emperor of the Spartoi Empire and is the father of Jason of Spartax.

A cold, passionless man, Eson had been raised strictly as all Spartoi had been in previous generations. In his old age, Eson was surrounded in mystery. Eson traveled in a crystalline coffin. Some believed him to be kept alive by medical technology, others that he was simply a hologram of himself back on his homeworld, and others still believed him to be dead and a puppet of the Council of Ministers to rule the Empire.

After a Kree attack on a union ceremony with the Shi'ar Empire, Eson banished his son, believing him to be allied with the attackers.

Eson would later prove to be alive and ask his son to return to the Empire to assist with a war between the Spartoi and the Ariguans. Eson would eventually leave the Empire to Jason.

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