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The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Esmeralda is the first character to become friends with Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame when she looks past his appearance and sees him for a gentle person he is. During a festival she starts dancing on stage for some money and even skips towards Frollo gently flirting with him for show. At the festival every year there's a 'king of fools' competition where everyone there wears masks. Without thinking Esmeralda brought Quasimodo on stage thinking his face was a mask. When everyone realized that's what he looked like the crowd tortured him by tying him onto a wooden wheel and throw tomatoes at him. Esmeralda cuts the rope off which makes Frollo made that she didn't let Quasimodo suffer the consequences so he wants her to get arrested.

Esmeralda runs towards a church to call for a safe point where no one can harm her as long as she's under protection. Here she meets her love interest Phoebus who at first she's very angry at even going far enough to attack him with a candle stick. She realizes he only wants to help her so she lets her guard down in front of him and shows Phoebus different sides of her. Quasimodo helps her escape the village by taking her to a short cut throughout the bell tower. Frollo sents out a search party as he developed a sickening obsession with her that he claims is a sin for wanting to be with her. Eventually as many towns are destroyed including an innocent family's home being burnt down Phoebus tries to save her but ends up wounded. Esmeralda takes Phoebus to the bell tower under Quasimodo's care. Phoebus and Esmeralda confess their love at the bell tower and kiss in front of Quasimodo who is torn about this. Esmeralda is finally captured due to people believing she uses witchcraft. She is left with two choices: to be with Frollo or to burn. Out of spite she chooses to burn as she would never want to date that monster. Quasimodo saves her but thinks it's too late as she's not waking up. Esmeralda wakes up and the two kill Frollo by throwing him off the bell tower into the fire.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

In the sequel Esmeralda is currently married to Phoebus and the two have a son named Zephyr. Instead of being barefoot she now wears black flat shoes. She is also voice acted by Demi Moore in this movie who previously voice acted her before.


The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II

The House of Mouse

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