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Erza as a Slave

As a child Erza was a held captive on an island to work as a slave by a group of evil Mages. She and a the other slaves were being forced to build a tower called the R-System which had the power to bring back the powerful dark mage Zeref, who is revered as a god. Her and her friends made a feeble attempt to escape but were captured by the guards. They assumed she was the ring leader and put her in a dungeon were they tortured her. Her friend, and love interest, Gerard was outraged and stormed her cell to liberate her. Upon doing so the guards released Erza and put Gerard in her place. When Erza returned to the others she was in terrible shape and was missing an eye. Knowing what was happening to Gerard, She gathers everyone and starts a revolt. The revolt was overwhelming until the Guards started to use magic on them. A blast was fired at Erza and an older man named Rob shielded her, dying in the process. Angered at witnessing his death Erza awakened her mage powers. She took control of every weapon, inculding the guards, and slaughtered them all. Uncontested,

Erza as a Child

Erza and The remaining slaves proceeded to the docks to escape. Erza stopped herself remembering that Gerard was still in the tower and went back inside to rescue him. Upon arriving she was only horrified by her discovery. Gerard was being possessed by the Dark mage Zeref. Trying to plea with him, he attacked Erza and easily defeated her. He revealed that he was going to continue building the R-System and he was going to use the newly freed slaves to do it. If Erza wouldn't allow him to do so, he was going to kill everyone. Powerless to stop him she passed out and awoke alone on the island . Knowing she could do nothing to stop him she began to cry and decided to leave. She recalled stories from Rob about a guild named Fairy Tail. She finds the location and travels there immediately. When she showed up she was wearing armor which was to encase her feelings and protect her. The guild master, and a pervert, Makalov noticed that Erza had a beautiful face and took her to see Porlyusica to fix her eye. Porlyusica gave her and artificial eye but Erza was only able cry out of her real eye for the time being. She would remain at Fairy Tail to become one of the top mages and the number one female of the guild.

Powers and Abilities


Erza uses the Powerful Re-Quip magic. This allows her to instantly switch and equip weapons from her magical space. Each armor has specific characteristics like the Flame Empress Armor that has a resistance from fire. Her most famous armor is her Heaven Wheel Armor which gave her name Titania. She can also mentally control weapons without touching them, one time using a slew of them to "rain" down on an opponent. She can also use Re-quip to switch out normal clothing apparel like

Adaminite Armor

swim suits and robes.


Since Erza is one of the few S-class mages in Fairy Tail, she posses a large amount of magical energy giving her lots of stamina. She is also very proficient in unarmed combat and swordsmanship. She was even able to best another mage who specialized in sword combat. Erza has also displayed an unnatural amount of strength as when she first appeared she was carrying a horn almost 5 times her size. Being an S-class mage she is allowed to take on higher classed missions and solo others. She also has command of Team Erza which is usually composed of Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Happy.


Heaven Wheel Armor
  • Heavens Wheel Armor (天輪の鎧 Tenrin no Yoroi): Erza's most relaible and popular Armor. Her swords float around her back giving a halo effect. This is also the armor that gave her surname as Titania
  • The Giant's Armor (巨人の鎧 Kyojin no Yoroi): While in this armor Erza's throwing speed and strength are greatly increased.
Fire Empress Armor
  • Flame Empress Armor (炎帝の鎧 Entei no Yoroi): This armor raises her resistance to fire based attacks.
  • Adamintine Armor (金剛の鎧 Kongō no Yoroi): The Adamantine armor is Erza's highest defensive armor. It is able to withstand the highest levels of magic.
  • Purgatory Armor (煉獄の鎧 Rengoku no Yoroi): The most powerful armor that Erza has at her disposal. It is said that anyone who witnesses this armor never lives to tell the tale.
  • Black Wing Armor (黒羽の鎧 Kureha no Yoroi): In this armor Erza's destrutcive power is greatly increased. It has bat likewings that allows her to fly.
  • Lightning Emperor Armor (雷帝の鎧 Raitei no Yoroi): The Lightning armor, like the Flame Empress Armor, decreases the damage of lightning based attacks.
Robe of Yuen
  • Robe of Yūen (悠遠の衣 Yūen no Koromo): A long elastic kimono that increases Erza's speed and attack but decreases her defense.


Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red


Erza is a very strict person and likes to enforce the rules. When first appearing she automatically began correcting everyone's problems and mistakes, even breaking up a fight between Natsu and Gray. Everyone usually obeys without question, fearing her strength and wrath. Erza also has an extreme passion for justice and believes in doing the right thing at all times. Though she may go over board by completing missions without pay just because she didn't finish the job the way she was asked to specifically. Like everyone else in the guild she shows an extreme amount of loyalty and compassion towards the guild and its members. She also has a deep connection to Natsu and Gray. She also has little modesty or inhibitions. Despite dressing mostly in her conservative Hart Kreuz armor Erza also enjoys skimpy revealing and/or sexy clothing. Many of her armors are skimpy and revealing. She also had no shame in stating a desire to bath with Natsu and Grey or that they used to shower when they were younger, or inviting male members of her guild to bath with her Lucy and Wendy over there shock and objections, proving she has no problem with men seeing her naked. She also has a penchant for making somewhat perverse observations such as staying at Lucys house with Natus and Grey because Lucy is of "marrigable age" and does not want to leave her alone with them.

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