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The Girls travel to Victorian London and quickly find themselves drugged, imprisoned and violated by the depraved Dr. Jekyll! This volume also brings on some well-known characters such as Sigmund Freud, Jack the Ripper, and Sherlock Holmes. This volume is a sizzling, explicit page-turner through the underbelly of the British Empire!

Back Blurb

When the coach stopped to pick up Lilian and Agatha, fresh from their ordeal at the hands of the cult of Ishtar, little did they suspect that they had just fallen into the hands of the second most vicious, perverted maniac to prowl the streets of Victorian London-a mild-mannered scientist named Dr. Jekyll who... but you can guess the rest.

Or can you?

Are you ready for a supporting cast of characters that includes such familiar figures as a master detective with a serious cocaine habit and his bumbling assistant; a young man who will soon rule the British empire; a writer who will pen the definitive split-personality thriller; a Viennese psychologist whose radical theories about sexuality and dreams are about to stir up a major controversy; and, stalking through Whitechapel, the ultimate demon from hell?

Do you have the stomach for the twisted rituals and exhibitions--acts so horrible and unnatural that we can't even hint at them here--put on display for an audience of perverts and crazies? If you have the courage to confront images so disturbing and erotically charged that they've been banned around the world... if you're tired of the feeble thrashings that pass for erotic trailblazing in other graphic novels... if you want something different, something radical, something that'll truly blow your mind... then you'll thrill as Barreiro and Solano Lopez tear the lid off the genteel surface of Victorian London to expose the raging libidos and cruel perversions that pulse beneath the surface of this metropolis.

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