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Franklin's hatred for beards emerged in that moment when he have known that he can't grow his own because of male hormone deficiency (or something like that). His war against beards began from killing his stepfather, then he continued to kill all the bearded men he met. Some time later he was hired by "The Bearded Gentlemen's Club of Metropolis" to kill Niles Caulder, who offended the club by claiming that all of them are lunatics, and bring his beard to them. Frank accepted their offer without hesitating and went to supermarket where Niles was buying chocolate. Despite of crippled legs, Niles managed to electrocute Frank by making him step onto camouflaged electrized aluminium foil. Next people he saw were the saints from heaven who wore the beards too.

Personal life

Althrough Frank was 36 years old, he lived with his mother and stuffed german shepherd named Sheba and didn't have a girlfriend because he thought that women are total waste of time and money. Instead of it he was occupied with reading comics (his favorite comic book is "The Glo Worm", written by drawn by another bearded man named Ron McMurray, whose illiteracy was ridiculed by David Sanchez - comic book critic that was subsequently killed by Frank) and bodybuilding.


Franklin doesn't have any actual superpowers, but he's skilled marksman and master of martial art known as "Lion's Den".

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