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Once a very promising student on her way to a prestigious school Elizabeth Abbot's life changed when her father lost his money and his life due to the Nomen War. After that her mother went from loser boyfriend to loser boyfriend with Elizabeth getting more and more unhappy. Things took a turn for the worse when her mother began dating an Armtech Soldier called Carl. Carl soon revealed to be an abusive alcoholic, ended up beating Elizabeth and killing her mother during a drunken stupor. When this went to trail Armtech used their resources to make sure Carl got off the charges. This caused Elizabeth to snap. She stalked Carl and one night broke into his house. Tied he and his own mother to a chair and then proceeded to murder his mother in-front of him before slitting his throat.

She was then committed to an insane asylum before escaping and being taken in by the notorious female gang "Daddy's Little Girls" where she became a hardened psychopathic killer. After a few years the terrorist group Pandemonium and its leader Dante saw her potential. She now serves Pandemonium as Dante's personal assassin and has taken up the name Eris.

Powers and Abilities:

Eris is a formidable hand to hand fighter due to her training by "Daddy's Little Girls" and further training with Pandemonium. She also uses various other pieces of technology one of which bares the resemblance to a blue laser-like whip.

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