Eradicators Back!

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Well eraticator is back and fighting on the ousiders. It was shown at the end The outsiders. Does any body like him? i have never read anything with him in it. im not sure if i like him or not, seems like jsut another ploy to have a superman figure and he will probably lose control and kill somone

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Has he done anything interesting (or anything at all) since this appearance?

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Kind of want to check this out now... 
Hmmph, wonder what happened to this look... 
back to the old Death of Superman look seems like a strange choice to me.
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lol idk i never picked up the comic he came back in or any of them after that.
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His old Death of Superman look is cool because of the visor and no red briefs.
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@degraaf: I never understood why the Eradicator was brought back or when he came to represent New Krypton. Was an explanation ever provided

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