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Equinox Origins

Equinox, who was based on the DC villain Libra, has recently appeared on the television series "Batman: The Brave And The Bold", voiced by Oded Fher. In the cold opening to the episode "Mysteries in Space!",  Equinox tried to kill the evil Gorilla Grodd and the heroic Question with 2 scales hanging over a fire pit, confident that if a villain must fall, so must a hero. Batman saved both but Equinox managed to escape, using his powers to impede Batman's rooftop stride. In the later episode "When OMAC Attacks!", he tried to destroy a city by causing a nuclear meltdown, to make up for the destruction of General Kafka's village by the GPA.  After the cyborg hero OMAC defeated Kafka, who was transformed into the techno-organic villain Shrapnel, he reverted back to Buddy Blank and helped Batman prevent the nuclear meltdown. Batman was stricken with radiation poisoning, but Equinox used his powers to spare the Dark Knight's life. In Equinox's final episode, "The Fate of Equinox!", it's revealed that the Lords of Chaos and Order gave him the magics of both light and dark when he was a baby and taught him, in order to allow balance, so that neither side could become more powerful. However, the pressure was too great and he snapped, going insane and believing he could do a better job without following his masters and followed a sense of balance that made sense only to his fractured psyche. When Batman and Dr. Fate prevented him from stopping Earth's rotation, making one side hot and the other cold, Equinox died and his spirit began absorbing the powers of Order and Chaos, just as he intended. Using Fate's magic Batman took on the powers of other heroes from the series and used it to fight the all-powerful Equinox. At one point it seemed the "Bat Monolith" had the upper hand putting Equinox on the defensive, but Equinox appeared to regain the upper hand. Bat Monolith found a way to defeat him when he made Equinox realize he was not in perfect balance because he hated his old masters, the magic of Chaos and Order inside him caused Equinox to begin to crack. Bat Monolith took the opportunity and punched Equinox into the energy he was preparing to destroy the universe with, destroying Equinox forever. However, is so sure that Equinox will not appear again?

Equinox's Powers

Equinox uses the magics of Order and Chaos to manipulate probability, restore life energies, transform matter, and cause other effects. He became a more powerful reality-warper when his immaterial spirit began to absorb the power of the Order Lords and Chaos Lords.

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