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Eppie is a fairy-like water bug who appears in the Fantagraphics series Poot.


Eppie was created by Walt Holcombe.

Character Evolution

Eppie is the on-off partner of Tom The Bug. While she appears to care for him deeply, almost obsessively, she often treats him poorly. For example, Eppie becomes insanely jealous whenever she sees Tom talking to other people, yet she cheats on him at least once. She is an unpredictable and emotional character, prone to overly dramatic outbursts, and sudden changes of mood.

Major Story Arcs

Eppie does not appear in any major story arcs.

Powers and Abilities

Although Eppie has wings, it is unclear whether or not she can fly, or merely glide. But as a water bug she does have the ability to walk on water.

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