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BATTLE ROYALE! Detective Jonah Wright will embrace his Archangel heritage and fight in Epoch, the world's greatest supernatural blood sport. He will risk his life in the ring to gather the clues, unveil the conspiracy, and incarcerate the murderer who killed his partner, Michael. He will fight Demons, Gorgons, and Warlocks, but will Jonah survive the bloodstained floors of Epoch long enough to uncover the truth?

After witnessing the killing of the vampire Rafael by the demon Damien in the first match of Epoch, detective Jonah Wright returns to the dormant volcano in the island of Corsica to continue his training. Aliyah trains him to fight without the use of his sight. Later, Jonah arrives at Stonehenge in the Salisbury plain in the English county of Wiltshire for his first match of Epoch. His opponent turns out to be Griffin, the very same Warlock he had previously fought at Cyrus' nightclub. Jonah defeats Griffin and learns from Delphin that the neurotoxin found in Glendon's blood is gorgon venom. As Jonah's next opponent is the gorgon Nyx, despite opposition from Aliyah, Jonah decides to get bitten by her in order to obtain a sample to run the DNA test. Meanwhile, Epoch continues and Damien seems unstoppable. Next, Jonah faces Nyx at the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia. Jonah manages to pull off a win despite being bit. Later, Aliyah visits Jonah at his apartment and the make love. Mya Tokage reveals to Gabriel that it was Damien who killed Michael and offers to take him to a secret meeting between Damien and his accomplice in exchange for protection. However, as they arrive at the spot, Mya is killed by Damien and the masked figure reveals himself to a shocked Gabriel before killing him.







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