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Detective Jonah Wright is in a quandary. To solve his partner's murder, he must completely immerse himself into the world of the Supernatural and fight for the Angels in Epoch. With precious little time and scant hopes to defeat formidable, mythical foes like Demons, Trolls, and Vampires, Jonah has the alluring Aliyah to train him. Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem...

Jonah is visited by Tobias and Aliyah at his apartment. Tobias tries to convince Jonah to represent the Angel Order in the upcoming Epoch and tells him that Aliyah will train him. However, Jonah avoids answering either way. At the precinct Jonah interrogates a homeless man who claims to have witnessed Michael's murder. He learns that Michael's killer is a blazing blue demon. Later ,Jonah decides to let Aliyah train him and she flies him to a dormant volcano in Corsica. After a rough start Jonah starts to learn quickly.

Afterwards, Jonah and Gabriel visits Delphin the troll at the Museum of Natural History. Delphin has been analyzing the neurotoxin. Outside, Aliyah meets them. Gabriel recognizes Aliyah's attraction to Jonah as he himself had gone through it with Jonah's mother and he warns her. However, Aliyah continues to train Jonah for the upcoming Epoch. Aliyah puts Jonah through the test of fire. Later, the first match of Epoch begins in Teotihuacan in the basin of Mexico. The match is between the demon Damien and a vampire named Rafael. As Damien burns with a bright blue flame and makes short work of Rafael Jonah recognizes him as Michael's killer.







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