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Detective Jonah Wright has been pulled into the hidden world of the Supernatural as he races to solve the murder of his partner who is the Archangel Gabriel. As a result of Gabriel's death, Epoch, the tournament that determines the leader of the Supernatural Council has been enacted for the first time in millennia. Now a mere human must safely navigate the politics and battles between angels, demons, werewolves, vampires and the other Supernatural races.

Jonah discovers about the secret council of supernatural creatures. The council is composed of eight supernatural orders, the Angel Order, the Demon Order, the Troll Order, the Gorgon Order, the Banshee Order, the Vampire Order, the Werewolf Order and the Warlock Order. Jonah also discovers that Mya Tokage is the leader of the Gorgon Order. At the meeting, Tobias Atrox, the leader of the Angel Order convinces the council to let Gabriel and Jonah investigate Michael's murder.

Later, Gabriel reveals to Jonah that millenia ago, as the number of humans grew exponentially, the supernaturals, although stronger began to fear for their survival. As mankind drove them to the brink of extinction, the supernaturals united in fear and eight supernatural races formed the council for mutual survival. To determine the leader of the council a tournament called Epoch is held. The winner of the tournament gets to appoint the leader of the council. Michael was the winner of the last Epoch and he appointed himself. Gabriel, an archangel himself, was being groomed as Michael's successor, however he falls in love with a mortal woman (Jonah's mother) and cuts off his own wings.

Meanwhile in preparation for the next Epoch, Tobias persuades his wife Aliyah to train Jonah as he is the last one with Archangel blood. To which Aliyah reluctantly agrees. Following the murder investigation Jonah and Gabriel visits a nightclub owned by Cyrus, the leader of the Vampire order. After a brief confrontation with the warlock Griffin Cyrus tells Jonah to "follow the blood".







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