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The first issue with the last name...

This Issue:
It's the origin story (done in flashback) of the vampire hero, Epilogue.
The story actually wasn't that bad.  I'm not saying that it's on the level of most of Niles' other work, but I was entertained.  One thing that I did notice was that it wasn't too overly wordy, which helps out a lot on a first issue.  This lets me absorb the general idea of the character without being bogged down by too much extra stuff.  With a brand new character and a brand new book, this is essential.
This is where things start to fall apart for me.  The art on this book is far too cartoony for me, or at least for a vampire/horror-ish book.  I know that Humberto Ramos was able to pull it off in his Cliffhanger (haha!) book, Crimson, but here it just seems to fall apart.  Everything is too crisp and too clean.  Things should be a little grainy for this type of book.
Final Verdict:
A decent story that doesn't overwhelm, but with the completely wrong art style.  Earns three out of five in my world.
Until next time...
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