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The Brain and the Twins
Michael and Juno are genetically engineered weapons from the planet Sirus One .  They are also lovers one Michael has the power of order and Juno has the power of disorder.  Separately they are powerful but together they cancel their powers out.  
When they were sent to Earth they were originally suppose to test their powers and report back to Sirus One.  When the tested there powers against E-Man and Nova Kane they badly hurt Nova and left feeling it was a successful test.  the Brain however was not happy.  It wanted E-Man dead and told them that Juno had the power to kill E-man by scattering his atoms across the universe.  Juno didn't want to do it but it was the only way for the twins to go home so they agreed.  On there way to kill E-Man they are attacked by E-Man himself who changes their powers so that when they are apart they are weak and if they get together they will scatter their own atoms across the universe.  Thus E-Man leaves them in tragedy.
Eventually the Twins repented for their crime and E-Man restored them to normal.

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