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Ent is a member of the Morlocks, outcasts who were a community of mutants who lived in tunnels beneath New York City.

While most had been killed in the mutant massacre some escaped, a few with the help of the X-Men and the original X-Factor team. Ent and his family came across Anna in the old Poseidon, where she help take care of pester's baby, until one day when Spider Man came to investigate the several Mysterious happenings in the hotel. Spiderman thought the Morlocks were threatening Anna’s baby but after he decided to 'rescue' the baby he found out that the baby belonged to the Morlocks, naturally Ent fought him.

The villain Firebrand attacked the fundraiser above which caused the building to collapse, killing Mother Inferior in the process. Though Ent was heart broken, he saved the rest of his family as the broken water pipes began to flood the basement. With the help of Spiderman they were able to escape.

After Firebrand was arrested, Ent found a home with the local homeless, it is unknown if he kept his powers after M-Day.

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