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Predator: Big Game

Predator that landed in Cibola county

Enoch Nakai was a Navajo native american who served as an corporal in the United States military. He was stationed at Cole Army Base in Cibola County, New Mexico. Prior to the predator, Enoch was attempting to obtain a 3-day pass so that he could spend time with his girlfriend, Alda. Despite putting in a request for a 3-day pass a month before, his superior officer denied his request, stating that Enoch had anti-aircraft duty the next day. That same night, a predator landed not to far from the military near a commercial airport called Grants Airport. The next day, during his anti-aircraft duty with his partner prvt.Dietl, Enoch sensed predator in a nearby tree, saying he smelled something strange and that he heard something up in the tree. His partner did not hear or see anything. Very shortly after, the predator unleashed an barrage of lasers at the soldiers via his shoulder cannon. Enoch was able to dodge the blasts but Dietl was struck in the chest and killed. Enoch immediately recognized the hidden assailant as as Adilgashii, a witch, that was "just like grandfather said: no more than a shimmer in the air". As Enoch fled, he found a soldier driving a jeep. The soldier demanded a explanation but Enoch remained silent, doubting the soldier would believe him if he said he saw a witch. He instead said that he needed to see the sarge or the colonel. The soldier in the jeep complied, stating that he was on the way to meet up with the superior officers who were investigating a bogey.

The bogey turned out to be the ship that the predator arrived in and when Enoch arrived, they were already loading the vessel onto a flatbed truck. Believing that the foreign vessel was an covert surveillance aircraft, the sergeant was furious that Enoch abandoned his anti-aircraft post. It was then that Enoch explained what happened and said that the operator of the "aircraft" was not a spy. The superior officers ordered two men to retrieve Dietl's body and ordered Enoch to keep his eyes peeled in case the intruder tried to retrieve his ship. The two soldiers sent to retrieve the body were promptly slaughtered shortly after arriving at the sight as they stood in shock when they found Dietl's skinned body hanging from a tree upside down.

Back at the barracks, his fellow soldiers kept bothering Enoch, asking him where Dietl. When Enoch remained silent, they started making racist jokes. When one of the men joked that Enoch scalped Dietl, Enoch snapped, attacking the soldiers. The colonel and Corporal broke the fight up and took Enoch to a private location and told Enoch that what they were about tell him was strictly classified.

They said the Enoch was right and that tests showed that the aircraft they recovered was not an spy plane but may be a hostile combat vessel. Believing that the sole operator of the vessel was not a threat to the military base as a whole, they still believed that he may try to eliminate the only one who can recognize him, Enoch Nakai.For his safety, they informed Enoch that he was to take a leave from the base. They also claimed that him being there while Dietl was still "missing" was causing tension between him and his fellow soldiers, making it even more important that he take a temporary leave from the base.

An annoyed predator activates the self destruct

Later that night, at 6:38 p.m., the predator, knowing that it would not be able to retrieve its ship, sat from afar and activated the self-destruct in the ship, taking out the entire base in one single massive explosion. At the time, Nakai was at a bar, getting drunk. He was a considerable distance from the base because he did not find out that it had been utterly destroyed till the next day. After a night of nightmares, he woke up and turned on the news on the tv and that;s when he found out that the base had been destroyed. He tried to return to the base to help the investigative team but he was denied access by the authorities. Barred from returning, Nakai called his girlfriend to tell her he was returning and that was she told him about a deputy and sheriff along with a few farmers at a sheep farm were murdered. She mentioned that the herders son kept repeating that blue fire killed them. Realizing the identity of the killer, he urged Ada to leave town, telling her that the child was right, there was someone killing people with "blue fire".

Later under the cover of night, he crossed the plains to sneak onto the remains of the base when he came upon predator camping out around a campfire. He tried to sneak closer when the predator became alert. Nakai hid behind a rock while a mountain lion, which alarmed the predator, attacked it. The mountain lion was able to hurt the predator but lost the predator got a hold of it and shot it point blank range with its shoulder cannon. During the fight, Nakai snuck off and found a camp with a colonel and was able to warn him about the predator.

Nakai led the military men on a hunt and was able to track the predator back to the town where it had just killed a man. After a quick and violent fight, the predator escaped. Deciding that Nakai was too emotional, the colonel ordered Nakai to stand down and leave and ordered a group of 12+ men to hunt down the fleeing predator. After a few men were killed, unbeknownst to the others, Nakai revealed to Colonel Trench that he believed that he may know where the predator was hiding out. A large group of 15+ men including a Major Amblim were led by Nakai when they were ambushed. While everyone else died, Nakai survived, making it the second time he survived an predators ambush.

All alone and armed with a rifle, Nakai trekked after the hunter across a landscape covered in black volcanic rock on the hills of Malpais. After a short trip, the ground gave away, The land was treacherous as air trapped with the cooling lava rock long ago formed bubbles beneath the surface that one could fall through. Nakais fall revealed a patch of land not covered in black rock but thick vegetation. There, he found the predator resting in a nest of carrion and trophies. Nakai deduced the predator thought that it had killed them all the night before and was letting its guard down. Nakai attempted to sneak up on the predator but set off a trap set up by the predator. The trap going off woke up the predator. The predator stalked Nakai and managed to unarm Nakai by destroying his rifle. Left with only his pistol, he fled back to the Malpais.

Rearmed with its shoulder cannon, the predator started to chase Nakai across the Malpais where it almost succumbed to a trap that Nakai had set up. The tired predator who was having a hard time breathing the oxygen, wheezing, was about to kill Nakai when it heard gunshots. The predator turned distracted and Nakai grabbed the pistol the predator made him drop after Nakais trap failed. Nakai used this opportunity and shot the predator, slaying it. The fire that Nakai had made earlier to attract the attention of the predator in order to lure it into chasing him so he could trap it had set off a belt of ammunition, igniting the gunpowder inside the bullets. When colonel Trench came looking for Nakai, he presented the head of the predator.

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