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Man behind the mask

Eric Forrest was a well-respected CIA operative who was regularly sent on extremely dangerous missions. He was a fixer. Someone who straightened things out. Someone who was prepared to do whatever it took. Eric believed in the work he did. He grew up in an extremely Republican household, and he believed in the importance of defending the United States against all enemies. Eternal vigilance and the price of freedom and all that.

The mission that caused Eric to question the ethics of his job involved a man by the name of Dr. Freidrich. Friedrich was an American research scientist working on a formula that would make a soldier invulnerable using force-fields. Eric Forrest was first ordered to protect Dr. Freidrich from suspected Chinese intelligence operatives. When Dr. Freidrich's family was kidnapped by the Chinese, the CIA feared that Dr. Freidrich would surrender the formula to get them back. Eric was ordered to kill Freidrich.

For the first time in his life, Eric Forrest disobeyed orders. He didn't believe that Dr. Freidrich was capable of betraying his country. The CIA was unimpressed and sent a team to kill Freidrich. Eric was unable to save him. As the doctor was dying, he gave Eric the only prepared sample of the invulnerability formula.

Eric used his newly-acquired powers to take out the other CIA team, and went on to rescue Dr. Freidrich's wife and daughter from the Chinese. He then resigned his position with the CIA and decided to become a free-lance mercenary for a while. Uncertain about whether or not the CIA was going to try to interfere with his new life, he adopted the code-name, Enforcer, and disguised his appearance.

In 1993, he met Mercury Mercenary for the first time. The two hated each other instantly. What was initially a professional rivalry between them became a significant vendetta. The Enforcer was always a picky mercenary, refusing any jobs that didn't measure up to his moral code, and as he started spending more and more time interfering with Mercury Mercenary's jobs, he alienated many professional mercenaries.But he didn't care. Enforcer wasn't interested in the money; he wanted -- heck, he needed -- to see justice in the world. A pretty black-and-white, right-wing view of justice, sure, but justice nonetheless. Eventually, Enforcer met Manta-Man, and was intrigued by the hero's fight against villainy. Manta-Man convinced Enforcer to give up his mercenary life and found the Crusaders.

Powers and Abilities

The Enforcer has a long history of espionage work and expertise in many forms of arms and security. He is also a living weapon having learned several forms of martial arts and fighting technique's.

Since taking the serum his very DNA have been changed,he has gained new abilities due to that genetic change. Now the Enforcer can emanate and control fields of force, shaping them to a limited degree. The fields are able to deflect most conventional forms of arms and is highly durable, the fields do not seem to block out oxygen(or other gasses) or light and sounds.

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