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Enforcer I (Leroy Merkyn)

Mob thug Leroy Merkyn was hired by the super-villain Multiplex, while he was working for corporate head Henry Hewitt, and given a special armoured uniform. As the Enforcer, Merkyn captured Firestorm who ultimately escaped and captured Merkyn in turn. Hewitt, as the super powered Tokamak, then killed Merkyn in prison.

Enforcer II (Mica Love)

Mica was an aide to Tokamak, who was focused on capturing Firestorm and duplicating his powers. She was given the Enforcer armor and instructed to attack Firestorm, but was subsequently defeated. Mica's armor was confiscated, and she was placed in police custody. She was later given parole in return for joining the Suicide Squad as the Enforcer. As a member of the Suicide Squad she fought against Circe during the War of the Gods. Unfortunately, Mica was killed in combat. She was among the deceased entombed below the Hall of Justice.

Recently, Mica has risen as a member of the Black Lantern Corps.

New 52

The Enforcer II, Mindboggler, Multiplex, and Hyena are stopped by Cyborg while they battled local Pittsburgh officers.

Powers and Abilities

The Enforcer's armor is made of lightweight steel-hard fiber plastic armour. It is equipped with boot jets that enable the enforcer to fly. The costume also gives its wearer superhuman strength. The Enforcer also wielded a pistol which fired energy blasts.

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