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Lantern Corps

Energy constructs are used by most members of the Lantern Corps. The Constructs are generated (usually) by power rings that members of the Corps use. These constructs vary in form based on the wielder's imagination. Depending on the Corps or the wielder, there may be limits or different styles to the constructs. 

Red Lantern Corps

It is not typical for members of the Red Lantern Corps to create constructs with their crimson energy, as rage is one of the most difficult areas of the spectrum to control.  Red Lanterns typically are only able to spew their energy in berserker fashion from their mouths or rings. The exception to this has been when a red ring takes control of a green lantern, such as Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, who used the red energy to create weapons and unleash their anger. Also, the energy of a Red Lantern is different from other Lanterns as it appears in more of a liquid form like fiery blood.

Orange Lantern Corps

  Members of the Orange Lantern Corps are not actually living as all members were killed by Larfleeze, the only living member, and are actually "avatars" of the fallen made from the constructs of the Orange Power Battery

Sinestro Corps

Sinestro Corps
The energy constructs of the Sinestro Corps are quite similar to the Green Lanterns in the sense that they can create anything imaginable.  The only difference is that their rings are powered by how much fear they can strike into their enemies.  For this reason many Sinestro Corpsmen will create constructs that are terrifying and even play on their opponent's specific fears.

Green Lantern Corps

  The green power ring, the first known weapon to harness the power of the emotional spectrum, creates solid-light constructs based on anything the wearer can imagine. They can be weapons, tools, anything at all as long as the wielder has sufficient willpower and imagination. The detail and style of these constructs vary greatly among lanterns as well as the type. For example, John Stewart being an engineer creates each of his constructs with perfect detail, every last bolt being in place while Soranik Natu as a doctor creates many weapons that resemble medical instruments.

Blue Lantern Corps

  The Constructs of the Blue Power Rings are based on the psyche of the target, taking the form of whatever gives hope to the target. The first example of this took place during the "Rage of the Red Lanterns" story arc when Saint Walker's ring created a light construct of Katma Tui for John Stewart.


Indigo Tribe

Indigo Tribe
  Members of the Indigo Tribe are unique in that they possess both a power ring and a staff that can channel emotional energy.  Their staff has the ability to manipulate the energy of the other emotions of the spectrum.  They are able to create any color light construct for this reason as long as they have that color lantern in their vicinity.


Star Sapphire Corps

  The Star Sapphires of Zamaron can also create constructs to aid them in battle, however theirs have a slight difference from the constructs of other rings. Sometimes the violet light will come from their rings as pure light but sometimes their constructs will take a crystalline form.

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