grim's Ender's Game: Battle School #1 - Part One review

Orsion Scott Card FTW

(Note: This review covers the "Ender's Game: Battle School" Hard cover, containing issues 1-5)
 Remember when you first found out "Where The Wild Things Are" was becoming a movie, and you literally squirmed with delight? How all you could think about was that it was your favorite book of all time as a kid. How, if thie movie was good, it would be your favorite of all time?
 Now, imagine being the only one. When i first read that the greatest story from one of my favorite writers of all time was going to be a comic,it seemed i was the only person trying to start fevered discussions, or contemplating how the epic masterpiece would translate. It was very frustrating indeed.
 But lets get on with the review.
 "Ender's Game: Battle School" is the comic adaptation of the first half of the 1895 award winning novel "Ender's Game".  The basic story is that in the future, Earth is attacked by bug-like aliens called the Formics (or Buggers). Earth survived the invasion due to a single lucky break, but everyone know the Buggers will be back. The world unites against this new threat, creating a sort of Earth Gov, sets a ton of new laws to conserve resources (an example being that no family can have more than two children without government consent), and scouring the world for the brightest children to command the fleet the next time the Buggers attack.
 The comic does a great job of capturing the feel of Card's Ender Universe. While some things are cut, they are the minor little tidbits that only a hardcore fan who has read the book 20+ times would notice. The art does a great job of making the futuristic designs look appropriate, something i was always concerned about when i imagined EG as a movie. The story requires all of the battle suits to be colorful, and so Pasqual Ferry and Frank D'Armata went for the the Apple style of simple and brightly colored instead of the usual hard edged steel with wires everywere.

  This book was a 5/5 for me before i even picked it up, and the rating still stands after the read. If you enjoyed it, i highly suggest you read the actual book, as well as the 7 or so other books based around Ender, Peter, and Bean (the main character from Enders Shadow). While the later books are more about philosophy and politics, Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow are both more in depth versions of what you just read.
 I really hope more people like this comic, and read the books. I would hate to be the only person super hyped when Ender's game becomes a movie or video game (which may very well one day happen, as the book is a well known piece among the sci fi/fantasy crowd). Im already in that boat with the A-Team...
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