post-apocalyptic comics

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I’m really loving old man Logan and wonted to now if there are any good post-apocalyptic comics out there.

#2 Posted by Erik (32504 posts) - - Show Bio

i agree. Old Man Logan is really good.

#3 Edited by inferiorego (22773 posts) - - Show Bio

Age of Apocalypse. Days of Future Past

#4 Posted by John Valentine (16416 posts) - - Show Bio

Walking Dead.

Days of Future Past.

X-Factor: Layla Miller one shot was good as an issue.

#5 Posted by Buckshot (19356 posts) - - Show Bio

The End League was something that started coming out kind of recently. I don't know what its progress is but I remember liking the art. 

There's also WSU books. The Authority (out today!), Wildcats, Stormwatch and Gen13 are all post-apocalyptic currently thanks to World's End.
#6 Posted by Meteorite (3479 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk: Future Imperfect and Hulk: The End are two fantastic post-apocalyptic stories.

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