comicman24's End League Volume 1: Ballad Of Big Nothing #1 - Ballad Of Big Nothing review

The Beginning of the End

I am what someone would call a mainstream comic book reader. The titles I read are mostly from DC and most recently some from Marvel. So I wanted to read something outside of these two companies but not very different and alienating at least for now. So I decided to read this, a series by Dark Horse Comics written by Rick Remender and drawn by Mat Broome and later by Eric Canette. 


The story begins with one of the last heroes remaining, Astonishman in this almost post-apocalyptic, someone would say, telling us how the world came to be this way. He laters introduces us to the rest of the members of his team and we found out that the goal of this is to find Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer that our heroes believe has the power to make the world as it was before. During a raid in one of Dead Lexington's, the apparent villain of the story, due to the team's low food supplies, is when the story kicks in. Remender makes a good job here, introducing us to the main characters and and showing us what this world has become.  We see enough of the heroes' and the villains' personalities and what drives to do the things they do.


Mat Broome is the artist for the first five issues of this series. His style is modern, with clean lines and is very pleasing aesthetically. 


The story begins very strong, fast-paced with many twists and and in general it will make you want to read more.
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Posted by Silkcuts

so this is the series you were talking about. Sounds like something I would enjoy.

Posted by ComicMan24
@Silkcuts: Thanks :)
Posted by Silkcuts
@ComicMan24 said:
" @Silkcuts: Thanks :) "
No prob.
Posted by miki


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