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The End is Near... no wait it already happened.

You want to know the problem with a book like The End League?  If you take a two year hiatus from reading comics you can't just jump back on this bandwagon.  With books like Batman and Superman I could really just pick them up and run with whatever.  With this book, though, I don't even remember most of the character's names.  I do remember the premise, though; after the end of the world there's only one superhero team still around - The End League.
Well, I still enjoyed this read regardless.  I like the Prairie Ghost's character a lot more now after this issue.  He seems a lot harder and tougher, maybe he's the team's "Wolverine" character.  In this issue he tracks down a healer to help his friend, but he has to go through a bunch of villains to get to them.  One way or another.
The only bad part about this whole title, is that it's a blatant copy of various DC & Marvel characters.  It's so bad that it's almost distracting from the reading experience.  At least that's how I feel about it.
Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading up the next issue.
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