Question about Enchantress

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Could gays (Northstar) befallen Amora's spells

#2 Posted by Supreme Marvel (11568 posts) - - Show Bio

No. Gays have this sense called gaydar that protects them from evil doers.

#3 Posted by Charmix (12083 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes, speaking logically since her magic is capable of multiple things, illusions, mind control, ect. which compliments on her beauty if needed

#4 Posted by Inverno (13745 posts) - - Show Bio

@Supreme Marvel said:

No. Gays have this sense called gaydar that protects them from evil doers.

No. Gaydar is a sense to detect gayness in other people. Don't you watch the Spoony Experiment?

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You're not clear on exactly what you mean when you ask 'would a gay person fall for her SPELLS'.

I think it's pretty obvious, as someone else pointed out, that most of her actual sorcery would work just fine, since your sexual orientation doesn't provide a shield against getting the snot knocked out of you by a mystical Force Bolt, or prevent your transformation into a concrete lawn gnome.

On the other hand, what you probably meant was 'would a gay person fall for her SEDUCTION, which is an entirely valid question. And... that would likely always come down to a judgement call on the part of the author. I'm fairly sure most people these days do not see human sexuality as binary--you being either gay or hetero--but instead see it as a spectrum with most people being more or less at one end or the other, but with plenty of people landing somewhere in between. Looked at in that way, nobody is ever one hundred percent one thing or the other--even if you never, ever act on it, you're still affected by the attractiveness and/or charm of people of your sex, usually in a fairly subtle way. And of course this view very much allows for the Bisexual people, where some other models just dismiss them as being confused, or simply lying to themselves.

All of which is just a very long way of saying 'It all comes down to who's writing that particular story, but no, there's no guarantee that this person would be immune to Amora's sexy, sexy self. Especially when she gets impatient with doing it the old fashioned way, with just her lips, hips, and fingertips, and lets loose with her sorcery-powered enslavement kisses and all of that stuff.

That being said, there's always the 'Rule of Funny', which could very much come into play here--Someone DOES brush her off completely, simply because the look on her face would be priceless.

I admit to actually doing that, for Buffyverse fanfic I wrote, where the character Harmony basically gets reborn/transformed into Amora, and then has to figure out the rules that govern her new powers. She does, in fact, meet that one-in-a-million person who is literally 100% gay, and some small degree of hilarity ensues. Here's a link, it's chapter nine of the story if you want to check it out:

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