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Encephalon was created by Blackheart by using his H'elian's Mirror Cauldron which creates inverted reflections of whomever stands before it. As Red Hulk's antithesis, he is able to give commands to Ross and control him.


Encephalon was created by Rick Remender and artist Tony Moore and debuted in Venom's Circle of Four miniseries.

Major Story Arcs

Circle of Four

For further information: Venom

Encephalon appears as part of Blackheart's answer to Red Hulk during his attempted take over of Earth. Red Hulk immediately begins to beat on him until Encephalon commands him to stop. Red Hulk is restrained and slammed into the ground. Encephalon then commands Red Hulk to experience terror and depression and causes images of bugs crawling all over his skin. Encephalon gathers with the Antitheses to convince Ghost Rider to take Blackheart's deal. Red Hulk and Venom regroup and attack, switching their targets. Venom fires on Encephalon as Ghost Rider charges for him. Encephalon grabs her and rips open her chest to show nothing inside. While fighting with the Evangelist, Venom deflects his Bible pages into Encephalon, tearing him to shreds.

Powers & Abilities

Encephalon appears unable to speak but is telepathic. It appears his power is to give orders that Red Hulk must obey but the extant has yet to be seen.

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