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The Empress is the leader of the Ama Collective. Her throne is located on Ama-Prime. Along with other bureaucrats, she helps to make Ama-Prime and other planets a Utopia. Whatever she does is filmed and can be viewed by the public at any time. But this is all an elaborate deception. Although Ama-Prime is indeed a Utopia to her people, she secretly wills this Utopia on other societies and forces them to conform to their beliefs.
She secretly joined forces with the Organpirates and ordered them to find the Silver Surfer. Upon seeing Ama-Prime, the Surfer agreed to help them with a problem on the planet Brekknis. There was a ghost of a being attacking the populace of the new member of the Collective. Unknown to the Surfer, this was a cosmic being that had been captured by the Collective and the pirates that was forced to attack. The Empress planned to use the Surfer as a tool to begin war with the Brekk, whom she believed to be inferior.
The Surfer soon learned of her corruption and tried to stop the war from happening. He met with the cosmic beings parent and developed a plan of fear to stop them from going to war. The being created a likeness of Galactus between the worlds and the Surfer had them believe Galactus would consume to first planet to strike the other. 
The Empress and the leader of the Brekk, Tol-Wes, formed a plan to make both of them strike at the same time. They soon learned that Galactus was merely an image and began their war with one another. The Surfer left them to their fates.

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