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Prior to the Blast

Empire City was originally a highly populated city and consisted of three islands; the Neon, the Warren and the Historic district. The Neon was the commercial section of the city, with many companies and markets. The Warren was Empire City's slum and industrial part, and the largest island of the three. The Historic District was the cultural part of the city, with many parks and landmarks. The large city gained its power from several Substations, all of which were temporarily disabled during the Blast.

The Blast

The Blast activated several Conduits in the city, all with their own intentions. The stronger ones took control of large parts of the city, whereas the weaker were forced under control of the stronger ones. The police force had to defend the city, but only managed this thanks to the help from the newly activated Conduit Cole MacGrath.

Promises kept


The demise of Empire City resulted in the collapse of the global economy, as the world struggled to respond to the sudden loss of the Empire Exchange, and the trillions of dollars in damages caused by the Beast's rampage along the Eastern Seaboard.

Alternate Timelines

Evil Karma

In the timeline of the Evil MacGrath, the city would learn to fear Cole as a tyrant. The city slowly began to fall apart, and with the aid they received from Cole, the Reapers quickly managed to overcome the police. It wouldn't take long until Cole ruled the city with a hand of steel, where the weak fended for themselves, and the strong ruled them all.

Kessler's timeline

In an alternate timeline, Cole never faced the Beast, but fled instead, trying to protect his family. With this, Empire City was destroyed with the rest of the world.


The Neon

The Neon was the district suffering least damage from the Blast, although the post-effects were critical, as the criminal gang known as the Reapers would soon be in control of the district.

The Warren

Historic District

The Historic District was the island most affected by the Blast, and many parts were in ruins. With this, the Historic District was made a Burial Ground where victims of the blast could be laid to rest.

Notable Landmarks and locations

The Neon

  • Stampton Bridge
  • Zeke's Roof
  • Smith Fountain
  • Reaper Compound
  • Empire Electrics
  • Jefferson Tunnel
  • Archer Square
  • Fisherman's Wharf

The Warren

  • Tent City
  • Valentine Park
  • Examiner Building
  • Eagle Point Penitentiary
  • Containers Area
  • Bayview Hospital
  • Alden's Tower
  • Adamson Building
  • Coleridge College

Historic District

  • Ground Zero
  • Blue Canyon Building
  • Ashford Building
  • Staton Building
  • Burial Ground


  • Steel Harbor
  • Stone Canal Bridge
  • 19th Street Drawbridge
  • Sewers
  • Fremont Bridge
  • Gas Stations
  • Medical Clinics
  • Empire City Rails

Notable persons from Empire City

  • Cole MacGrath/Kessler
  • Zeke Dunbar
  • Trish Dailey
  • Amy Dailey
  • Brandon Carey
  • Dwight
  • Lou
  • Roger

Notable organizations in Empire City

  • Reapers
  • Dust Men
  • First Sons
  • Empire City Police Department
  • Voice of Survival

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