Favorite Lantern spectrum?

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Whats youre favorite Lantern spectrum(color) and why?

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The Golden Flame of Fear of the Sinestro Corps. Because Sinestro is my favorite part of the Green Lantern universe... 

#3 Posted by The Stegman (30012 posts) - - Show Bio

They gray spectrum of Apathy

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I want to say White, but that isn't part of the spectrum, so I'm going old school, and going with good old fashion Will Power of the Green Lantern Corps.

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But a very close second would be these fellows, here.

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I always thought Larfleeze was pretty cool.

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The rage Corp for life

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Red. Mostly because of how hot Bleez is.

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Indigo because they can mimic the other lanterns' powers.

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Blue Lanterns!

I like the color blue :P

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Blue. Green is a close second. Yellow for the third.

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I wish what The Stegman said was real because that would be Infinatly awesome but since it's not real I'm going with Sinestro Corps third place is the GLs

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Because this is a thing...

Dex-Starr! I love him and his origin.

#15 Posted by CATPANEXE (9505 posts) - - Show Bio

Red. Given my angle in life it should be the Star Sapphire's but...

@Joygirl said:

Red. Mostly because of how hot Bleez is.

@Soulstealer said:


Because this is a thing...

Dex-Starr! I love him and his origin.

These things. And blood, wonderful blood!

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