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The Emotional Spectrum was created early on when sentient life first appeared in the universe and its thoughts and feelings became powerful enough to coalesce into in a whole band of energy. This band of energy conformed to the spectrum of visible light with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet all corresponding to a specific emotion. Each band of emotional energy is represented by a corresponding Emotional Embodiment.

Rainbow Girl, a substitute Legionnaire in the 31st century, is known to be able to access the full powers of the Emotional Spectrum.

The Spectrum

Red Throes of Rage

Red Rage

As an energy on one of the far ends of the Emotional Spectrum, the Red Light of Rage has an overpowering effect on the thoughts of those who managed to wield it, and its energy often coalesces as intense heat that burns as long as the anger is there to serve as its fuel. The overwhelming power of the Red Light can often burn away the power of most other lights in the spectrum. Atrocitus of the Five Inversions managed to harness the red light in a Central Battery on Ysmault to power his Red Lantern Corps. The Red Lanterns become so consumed with rage that they are literally filled with its red energy, which replaces their blood and heart.

The Emotional Embodiment of Rage is The Butcher.

Orange Light of Avarice

Orange Light

As the pure light of greed, exposure to the orange light can have addictive effects on sentient beings who try to wield it. Its consumptive power can also drain the energy from most other lights.

The Orange Light was harnessed into a power battery thousands of years ago by a number of beings, who made a deal with the Guardians of the Universe to keep it. In the thousands of years since, it has stayed buried in the planet Okaara of the Vega System. Larfleeze is the last surviving keeper of the Orange Light and uses it to create his Orange Lanterns.

The Emotional Embodiment of Avarice is Ophidian.

Yellow Fire of Fear

Yellow Fire

First harnessed by the Qwardians,who slowly killed off a planet they held dominion over in order to access it, Sinestro would later wield the Yellow Light and use it to establish and empower his Sinestro Corps as a dark mirror of the Green Lantern Corps. The Yellow Light has the specific ability to weaken the strength of the Green Light of Will, making it the perfect weapon against Green Lanterns who have not confronted their fears.

The power of the Yellow Light grew intense enough to summon forth a monstrous elemental that completely embodies fear. This being became known as Parallax.

Green Might of Will

Green Lanterns

As the balanced and center color of the Emotional Spectrum, it was the power of the Green Light that the Guardians of the Universe chose to harness for the foundation of the universal police force, the Green Lantern Corps. Despite the fact that 'will' is not technically an emotion, it is still included as one of the better-known Lantern groups.

The Emotional Embodiment of Will is Ion and inhabits the body of Sodam Yat.

Blue Rays of Hope

Blue Rays

Said to be the most powerful light of the Emotional Spectrum, the Blue Light apparently has the drawback of being dependent on the Green Light of Will to be utilized to its full power. This symbiotic relationship also strengthens the power of the Green Light when its wielded in the vicinity of a bearer of the Blue Light. The Blue Light was channeled by two exiled Guardians, Ganthet and Sayd, to create the Blue Lantern Corps.

The Emotional Embodiment of Hope is Adara.

Indigo Glow of Compassion

Indigo Glow

Discovered by the Green Lantern [[Abin Sur]], the Indigo Light is shown to shine compassion on to those who wear an indigo ring. It is wielded by the group calling itself the Indigo Tribe, formerly made of the worst sadists and psychopaths in the galaxy, now seeking to spread goodwill throughout the universe. A female calling herself Indigo appears to be the leader of the Tribe. Their indigo rings allow them to replicate the power of the other six corps; an agonizing Green Lantern was given a mercy killing when exposed to the staff, while a Sinestro Corpsman was in turn overwhelmed by a massive yellow construct and scared away.

The Emotional Embodiment of Compassion is Proselyte.

Violet Aura of Love

Violet Aura

Like the Red Light, the placement of the Violet Light at the far end of the Emotional Spectrum means it can have a particularly overwhelming influence on the minds of those who wield it. The power of the Violet Light was discovered by the Zamarons, who found the remains of two embracing lovers fossilized in violet crystal. Their first attempt to harness this power proved its overwhelming effects, as the original Star Sapphires possessed a rabid obsession in their pursuit of love. The Zamarons have since refined their methods for channeling the Violet Light with their new Star Sapphire Corps through new Star Sapphire Rings and Batteries fueled from a massive super battery on Zamaron.

The Emotional Embodiment of Love is The Predator.

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