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Brief History

Emma LaPorte was a lascivious woman in a San Diego bar who was prodded by Navy sailors to seduce young Rusty Collins, who was with the Navy at the time. She brought him outside and started kissing him. It was this act that activated the fire-generating mutant powers of the nervous Rusty. She was burned a great deal because of this, and nearly died, causing an anti-mutant frenzy.

Some months later, Rusty traced Emma down and asked forgiveness for what he had done, attempting to have Masque restore her beauty. Due to Masque's betrayal, this was not accomplished, but Emma, having found religion, believed her incident with Rusty and resulting injuries saved her soul by showing her the wrong in corrupting the innocent. She forgave Rusty and the two parted ways on good terms. She stayed in the Morlock tunnels, vowing to preach to the unfortunate mutants there to use their powers for good. Emma has not been seen since.

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