XMen 4koma Art starring Emma

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I'm a  fairly new member here, and enjoying this site a lot.
I'm a freelance graphic artist. A while back I started a 4koma series of the popular anime Code Geass on my devientArt webpage. I would watch an episode and try to make a funny comic that was based upon events from that episode. They were quite popular.
(For those of you that don't know. A 4koma is a Japanese style of comic that consists of four panels.)
Now that Code Geass is pretty well over I've been expanding to other series to make 4komas. I have already created one 4koma based upon X-Men. I have several written and three drawn. I just need to color the rest. I normally try to base these jokes on events that happen in the comics.

This 4koma is based upon the scene in X-Men #202 from the Blinded by the Light storyline that directely preceded the Messiah Complex story arc. You can see the Full Size in my gallery.
My sense of humor often leads toward the sexual, but not always. I hope to be creating more of these and posting them on my ComicVine gallery. I'm a huge Emma fan so I hope to have many that involved Emma in them. I have one drawn, not yet colored, that has a newly returned Psylocke and Emma arguing about how much is being exposed with their costumes. I can't tell you the punch line, but I'll just say that Psylocke is exposing a 'tad' too much.

 I also plan to touch on some of the longest running and most loved X-Men jokes. Such as Wolverine being on so many teams and Jean's revolving graves.

If you enjoy my art I hope you check out my devArt gallery.
I hope you enjoy this comic and I look forward to reading comments.
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Haha :P

I liked it.

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Very good.

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Thank you. I'm pleased some are enjoying the comic.
I have more planned to make so this wont be the last. If you are as much of an Emma fan as your icon implies. You should like many of the ones I have planned.
I recently wrote one that pokes fun at the moment Namor discovers Shaw is alive, and Emma played him for a fool. I can't tell you the joke, but Sue Richards will be involved in assisting Emma's escape. I normally like to base these events off how they appear in the comics. So I'll have to wait and see how things turn out before I start to draw it.
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@FoxxFireArt:  Yes, I'm a huge Emma fan  (:
and I look forward to seeing more.
They really are good

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Cool, I may try and add you to my Friends List then. I've been a huge Emma fan since I first started reading X-Men. Can't say I'm at all fond of the whole "Black Queen"  thing going around now.

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@FoxxFireArt said:
This is the best Emma/Scott moment I've ever seen IDT Marvel could have come up with something funnier!!! good job!
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Thanks, Glad you enjoyed the joke.

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