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Apparently, they didn’t know about Emma,Sabretooth and Jubilee living at the mansion, since, when Jubilee returned and ran a scan, he found that these three were the only ones still themselves. He freed them and destroyed the computer system to prevent Xavier’s information from falling into the Collective’s hands. Since Cyclops, Phoenix, Wolverine and Cable tried to free the captive X-Men, Emma and Banshee went to rescue a few new mutants who had been hunted by the Phalanx,

I'll admit, I don't know enough about the story to know who it was, so I'll ask here: Who ran the scan that revealed Emma, Sabretooth and Jubilee as the only ones that hadn't been replaced?

Was it Jubilee, and the mentions of "he" should be "she"?

One of the male X-Men mentioned (Cyclops, Wolverine, Cable or Banshee)?

Or someone else?

Or am I (or someone else) going to have to find the comic it's in to find out?
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I'm pretty sure it was Banshee.

It's actually weird that there was this mistake 'cause the rest of the paragraph (and a good part of the entire history) was copy/pasted. :/

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I'll give Banshee credit, at least for now. If anyone has evidence it's wrong, they can feel free to change it or post here, and I'll put it in.

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ok so this is probably super old to be responding to, but I'll still reply since the answer was never fully explained.

Banshee is the correct answer. I can't quite recall why he was back at the mansion specifically but he was just returning and settling in. He stepped out of the Men's Locker-room he decided to walk through the mansion and he was noticing "werid" happenings with his fellow X-Men. i.e walking behind and hiding from Psylocke (psychic ninja?? Psychic?? how was he detected by her.) A couple of other odds things occurred and he wanted to talk to some of the other X-Men about it but every time he found a different team-mate, they would act weird and he decided against the interaction with them. Until he met up with Bishop and Iceman (i believe) he went up to Bishop and began a conversation with him. Ultimatly he was testing "Bishop" and mentioned something something to the effect of Professor X no longer being paralyzed or that he could walk. Without a reaction what-so-ever "Bishop" acknowledged him and didn't attempted to correct Banshee. Reason being: it wasn't the real Bishop but actually The Phalanx in the form of Bishop.

At this point he decides to run a check on the mansion to see who was on the ground and the system pointed out that only for individuals were in the or location on the grounds. Those being White Queen (Emma), Jubilee, Sabretooth and Banshee himself.

This the begining of the "Phalanx Convenant X-Men" and their search for the future members of Generation X.

*its been a long time since I've read the comic soooo I don't remember all the specific details. but this is pretty much the just.

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