What did you all think of January Jones as Emma Frost

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#51 Posted by God_Spawn (39651 posts) - - Show Bio

@maxxx676: Is Days of Future Past even going to be a real sequel to First Class? I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to it.

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#53 Posted by maxxx676 (2 posts) - - Show Bio

@god_spawn: Yes it would be from what I know. It is confirmed that there would be returnig cast from FC and some of the cast from Singer films. Plot line will have something with time travels etc.

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#55 Posted by John Valentine (16427 posts) - - Show Bio

Too weak, not cutting/bitchy enough. Didn't appear intelligent/vain enough. Aesthetically pretty suitable.

@god_spawn said:

They still should've had Alice Eve play the role. Real English. Busty. Hot. Can play the b*tch.

Damn good casting.

#56 Posted by God_Spawn (39651 posts) - - Show Bio

@maxxx676: They already did ask JJ if she was going to play in Days of Future Past and she said no. She could very well be casted once again as Emma in another movie involving the First Class crew when it deals with them. So the last scene in FS wasn't wasted just because Emma isn't in the next movie, she could be in the one after for all we know.

#57 Edited by Ellie_Knightfall (4861 posts) - - Show Bio

Alice Eve would be great, Charlize Theron would be, as well (if on the older side of things).

#58 Posted by midgard2 (64 posts) - - Show Bio

Honestly, what do you want with absolutely horrible story writers and the people in charge of the casting. In my person opinion they picked a wrong actress to play Emma Frost.

#59 Posted by valencourt (76 posts) - - Show Bio

She sounded more Irish than Banshee at times. She was useless.

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@lykopis said:

She was horrific. It doesn't matter if her lines were horrid, any actor worth their salt can make movement speak volumes. Emma belittles just by her facial expression and January translated that into stony frozen ice/blank stare.

So -- it was her. Had she bothered to look into the character, she would have realized the importance of getting across Emma's cutting personality. Even if the director wanted to show her as Shaw's arm candy and martini server, Emma still should have had some haughtiness to her. All we got was an ice princess.


@veshark said:

Completely dull. She had all the gravitas of an oatmeal cookie. Personally, I don't think she even looked good in the lingerie getup.

Part of the blame falls to the script I suppose, but Jones just didn't have the 'Emma look' either. Nor the Emma voice. Emma Frost should be a commanding, self-assured and beautiful in the sort of upper-class bourgeoisie way type of lady. Not stiff, and emotionless with deadpan lines.

All that being said, Frost had a relatively minor role in the entire movie, so I can live with it.

^lmao! The lingerie looked cheap too and in the outfit with the miniskirt, boots and babushka hat she looked like a freezing cold majorette. I like Emma Frost thick, the way the Dodsons draw her. January Jones is too straight up and down to pull off curvy, even with a ridiculously padded push-up bra. Part of the problem was the 1960's attire, but it looked good on Magneto. I still want the boots he was wearing when he was sitting outside on the steps.

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A) she didn't really capture emma's characters

B) i know this has nothing to do with her, but the diamond form in the movie was awful

C) isn't emma frost supposed to be hot?

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They focused too much on her being an object of sex appeal rather than developing character.

#63 Posted by The_Goddess_of_Chaos (325 posts) - - Show Bio

@maxxx676 said:

I was just thinking... Why they even put effort to do the last scene with her being freed from prison while they don't put her in a sequel....

emma join magnetos team....never!!!!

#64 Posted by Extremis (3594 posts) - - Show Bio

Hot with nice boobs.. Her acting was a different story.

#65 Posted by StormyWeather (769 posts) - - Show Bio
#66 Posted by novi_homines (1432 posts) - - Show Bio

Not bad. not good. Just Meh. Meh could be considered as bad to some though.

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