Notable Emma Frost issues

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What is the issue/series name where she uses her powers to give all the reporters orgasms? I need to get an exact issue number. On top of that, what other funny uses does she use her powers for?

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new x-men 118

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There was this time during the Super Soldier Annual issue where she makes some nosy reporter's camera go a little haywire.

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She made Quentin Quire sht himself once.

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I have loads

Astonishing X-Men, Issue 5 of the 'Gifted' arc:

Emma Frost:You feel no pain. You will go straight to a hospital. Remember nothing of this place. And every time you hear the words "parsley", "intractable", and "longitude", you will vomit uncontrollably for 48 hours.

Cyclops:Nice work, X-Men. (Quietly) My girlfriend is very weird.

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