Marvel Adventures Emma Frost?

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How do your guys think of this cuter, younger Emma Frost who have a crush on Spider-man?

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@oldgum:  what, they actually had that happen in marvel adventures?
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@Crom-Cruach:  She has a different codename...  I haven't read it, but from the solicitations it seems that she used her telepathy to discover people's secrets... and secret identities...
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #61
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@xerox-kitty: thinks for the info :)
I'm not going to read that comic but it's going to be a useful tidbit of knowledge for later.
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@Crom-Cruach: I wouldn't mind reading it, but I can't justify buying more titles.  Maybe if they released it in digest size like they did with the Runaways.
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My little brother reads this. He gets it in the mail so it's cute for kids but yeah not really much like Emma Frost except for the name and telepathy. I think she ended up having a crush on Peter or something. I haven't stole it to read it yet.

#8 Posted by eldestrisk (674 posts) - - Show Bio

hahahaha She looks cool. >.>

#9 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio
@nikbackm: Cool! :)  I get a little lost with all the diferent Marvel Adventures titles.  So thanks for that! :)
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emma have not had a crush on peter in  Marvel Adventures Spider-Man so far

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