Lack of Decent Emma Frost Images

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Does anyone else find it difficult finding an attractive Emma Frost pin-up? It's either a scan, a group photo, or it's fan art making her look like a trashy porn star.


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We need better artists maybe? That cater to a less stereotypical fanbase?

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There seem to be endless amounts of beautiful Rogue or Storm solo images but when it comes to Emma, except for her Greg Horn covers from forever ago, there's close to nothing.

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Maybe later I could try to look for something decent for you.

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Rogue and Storm are nice but Emma is the main sex icon of the X-men. Sex sells, and most people draw her in the ways you mentioned because the stereotypical comicfan is a fat nerdy who lives in his basement without getting any, that's why the people draw her as they do. Now this stereotype is hardly true, however the main part is sex still sells/

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I love Emma but would line to see something a bit less whoreish on her.

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*gigglesnort* Good luck finding a classy pic of Emma. ;) jk

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@riri4life: This made me Lol.
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Yeah. I cleaned up and uploaded a few of the scans in the gallery, and share them with emmafrostfiles when they need them, but the lack of any good material
to begin with is the problem there rather than the worst being chosen, imo. In my case if their a substantial image I upload them, regardless of my personal take
on the images quality or representation just so the material is available. In a nutshell we collect whatever information and images here come out in order to preserve the characters and comics posterity, and to provide information for anyone online doing the research ambiguously. In Emma's case she is a sensually applied character in look, no brainer as her costume was straight from a Victoria's Secret ad for most of her history, so finding an image where she isn't dressed as such is somewhat of a moot application (though they do exist, I loved her Siberian togs personally). In short, blame her creators and the artist, and it's hard to find a fish without scales these days (?). As for fan-art, I'm pretty sure the high ups here have become more frugal about allowing that stuff onsite. Personally I don't think unfinished work particularly that which tries to close in on the NSFW zone should meet approval, though more so the former, but then again it caters to someone out there and what we're building here is for everyone so I can't say that with any sort of reverence either.

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Trying to find a picture of Emma Frost in which she doesn't look like she should be dancing on a pole or whipping some leather bound submissive, would be harder than finding a picture of Iron-man in which he's wearing something other than a metal suit... You see, Iron-man wears a metal suit... Emma wears... well, we all know what Emma wears. Remember the scene from Astonishing X-Men 1 where Kitty shows up for the first day of school late?

It's the first day of School Emma is one of the Co-headmasters of the school.... And what does she wear?

Note Kitty's comment, "I was busy remembering to put on ALL of my clothes..."

How about a Museum opening? What would Emma wear to that?

Well, what about if Emma were fighting powerful villains? Surely, she wouldn't dress like a stripper then, would she?


You can't find a picture of Emma Frost with her dressed in a non-sexy fashion, because there basically aren't any... THAT is Emma Frost.. THAT is how she dresses. ALL THE TIME... For School... For meetings... For training... For fighting bad guys...

Pick a issue from any story arc which has Emma Frost in it... Pick one at random... then pick a scene or panel at random... 99 times out of 100 Emma will be showing lots of skin, scantily clad in something skin tight, with most of her breasts hanging out... THAT is Emma... So, trying to find a scan of her looking any different, is going to be rather challenging, but I do wish you luck with it...

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@Timandm: Well I wasn't necessarily complaining about her costumes, I'm actually a fan of her corset and thong days. But all those pictures you gave were scans, I'm saying that finding a pin-up is difficult. The few that are available are generally old or fan art. The fan art generally positioning her in slutty positions that official artists would never put her in. See what I'm getting at now? I want more of these:

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@EmmaGrace: Um.. Yes, I think I did miss the point... So, a "pin up" is like a poster or a picture that was made but not for a comic book?

And I did miss the point about it being about the position she's in rather than the clothes. Totally missed that, my bad... So where does one normally find these pinups?

#14 Posted by EmmaGrace (1049 posts) - - Show Bio

@Timandm: Well "pin-up" is the term I've always used. And it can be made for a comic book, but it just features one character in it; no word bubbles, other characters, etc.

And the ones I posted are what I've always thought of them as... Like I said I don't know for sure that's an official term, just one I use. Type in "Emma Frost" on Google and any official art of just her is what I consider a pin-up. Like these too:

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@EmmaGrace: Okay... I'm gettting it now... So, your looking for images (from comics or elsewhere) of Emma Frost with only Emma in them. You want them to be good pictures/images (obviously) but NOT in a sexually suggestive position or pose... Yes?

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@Timandm: Yep! There don't seem to be too many... Or as many as some other characters.

And fan art doesn't count..

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@EmmaGrace: DOH! If fan art doesn't count, you're making it even HARDER to find non sexual poses of Emma...

Finding an comic book artist that will draw Emma in a non-sexually suggestive way is like trying to find... A marvel super hero team that doesn't have Wolverine on it...

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@Timandm: Sexual images aren't a problem, but some images have her in straight porn positions. Some of the ones I posted above are sexual, but not trashy or explicit.

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@EmmaGrace said:

@Timandm: Sexual images aren't a problem, but some images have her in straight porn positions. Some of the ones I posted above are sexual, but not trashy or explicit.

Okay, so sexual is okay... But not, say, something we might find in the Kama Sutra... Got it... I'll keep an eye out.

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Her least skimpy outfits are in Generation X.

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I'm pretty sure that we have every non-fanart, non scan (pin-ups, covers, commissions, trading cards, ect) in existence and to date in her gallery already FYI.

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@EmmaGrace: I would have presumed that your image gallery would have had all the emma frost images one needed! :D

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