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So i was thinking, Emma is an amazing woman right? But who realy shaped her? Christian Frost ! She idolzied him, he was the only one in her disturbed family she love or trusted. so heres my points

1. she's an artifical blond, to look like Christian 
2. She wares almost only white, the color that he told her looked best.  
3. she has his taste in men
It was also when Christian was instoutionalized that she turned into a cold shelled b!£ch; & why wouldn't she the one person you love is sent away for being gay, & your all alone in a hell house with a druged up mother, heartless father, a dark sister, & a sycotic sister, & your only sixteen? it makes sence.


thats why i think she based her shelf on her brother.

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Surely Christian influenced Emma in some ways, as he was the only person who genuinely cared about her when she was a teenager. When he was sent to that mental institution Emma even left her home and rejected her family's fortune. However:
1. Emma dyed her hair because she felt she needed a change. Sure, the color she chose could have something to do with Christian, but, if that was the case, I think it would be stated in her series somehow.
2. She wears white because of her time with the Hellfire Club, when she was the White Queen.
3. If Christian had influenced her on this, I think she would actually  prefer women.
Christian is a really important person in Emma's life. It would be interesting to see him coming back and having a reunion with Emma. He kinda blamed her for being sent to that institution, so maybe he has some grudge against her.

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@Phoenix XII:
i agree with you  
reading the emma frost comics made me love her even more and they need a family reunion with her brohter, plus where is cordelia?! 
i think writers need to go back to the series and do something about that. i mean do you think emma frost, who was in the inner circle of one of the most affluent groups in the world and runs a massive corporation would just let her brother be stuck in an institution for being gay?! 
wish the series wan't cancelled! i would have liked to have seen her move into the hellfire club

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@extrememage:  i totally agree, i think its about time the surviving members of the frost family come together even if it is just for i dont know the death of their parents or something.
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I know this has nothing to do with the topic but Emma's hot

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I think that her brother influenced her but not not that much.

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theres an x-men origins comic coming out. according to the database her family is gonna be in it
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@Phoenix XII:   I would say that the person who influenced her the most would have been Astrid Bloom

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