If Emma was going to ?.

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Was going to die or be killed off
Be less in the spolight    
Be depowered 
Become a mother
Break up with Scott 
How many of you would be upset or happy about it. I am just curious, I know there are a lot of Emma Frost fans out there. 
Add to the list, what if she return to her evil ways. how would you feel?
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Was going to die or be killed off - Upset, depending on how well done it was.
Be less in the spolight - She's had a good long run in the limelight, I don't mind seeing others get a chance.
By depowered  - Pissed.
Become a mother - Super Pissed.
Break up with Scott  - Upset, depending on how well it was done.
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1. Upset 
2. Depends. 
3. Pissed 
4. Marvel'd kill the child anyways.  
5. Depends, probably happy, unless it was done bad.
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1.Pretty sad. 
2.She's had a few background appearences in the last few issues of Uncanny, and that seems to be going well. 
3.Very upset. 
4.Who's kid would it be? O__o
5.Meh, I'd rather see Jean come back and be with Scott, but Emma works for now. I'd say slightly peeved.

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Was going to die or be killed off - Upset
Be less in the spolight - Upset
Be depowered - Upset
Become a mother - Upset, unless it was an alternate universe child joining the main
Break up with Scott - Happy

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Was going to die or be killed off- Be kinda upset and depends for how long.
Be less in the spolight   - Not like she hasn't as much as she could be so I'm used to it.
Be depowered - Depends what she would be doing, if she could still  be a influential member like a liaison or something.
Become a mother- Meh
Break up with Scott - Depends why

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Was going to die or be killed off: If it was epic and has some gravitas I would be fine
Be less in the spolight: That's fine she's gotten plenty
Be depowered: As long as she remained in the series as someone with influence and wisdom
Become a mother: EWWW. If she became a mother then she would no longer be the character I love
Break up with Scott: Once again it's about how they do it.
If she became evil again. It would have to eb for ideological reasons...not for something petty.
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1. Was going to die or be killed off - pissed off
2. Be less in the spolight - I have never thought she should always be in the spotlight but more attention on others would be welcomed
3. Be depowered  - that would suck
4. Become a mother - I have been a long term proponent of Emma having a child, preferably with Scott
5. Break up with Scott - I am not a fan of Emma because of her relationship with Scott, though I do think they are good together so I would be upset

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Before I provide my responses, I want to make it clear that I have never been a huge fan of Emma Frost, at least as a hero and Cyke's gf. I grew up with the 90s tv show in which Scott and Jean were together. I was used to that relationship and that is how I felt it should be; never Scott and Emma. Through Marvel's digital comics, I have read from the X-Men's beginning in the 60's to 2005 (includes Uncanny X-Men, the first 50 some X-Factor issues, X-Men vol 2 (somewhat), X-Treme X-Men, New X-Men, and the first 16 issues of Astonishing X-Men). So I have read the tenure of Scott/Jean's relationship and the beginning of Scott/Emma's relationship. Scott used to be one of my favorite X-Men, but after his possession by Apocalypse, not so much anymore. They say it was Scott "maturing", but I see it as Scott going from the model Boy Scout (not a bad thing!) to a sex-crazed, selfish, and spineless man wrapped around Emma's fingers. With that said here are my responses:
If Emma...
Was going to die or be killed off- She is an okay character in our "love-hate" relationship; She had some very good/humorous moments when written by Grant but she seemed like a real b*tch at times such as when she broke Scott down over his control issues in Joss's Torn story arc. However, I wouldn't lose much sleep if she bit the dust.
Put less in the spolight- As one might guess, this would not cause me to lose any sleep either.
Becomes depowered- I don't care for the constant power roller coaster with people losing and regaining powers. It reminds me of the fact that people can't stay dead too long in comics (Please bring Jean back). So, I would find depowering her to be a waste of time and her potential.  
Becomes a mother- Emma has never seemed to be the motherly type to me. She would probably raise self-absorbed, over-confidant pricks anyway. So please don't go there Marvel. And if you do go there, please don't be Scott's child...
Breaks up with Scott- Currently, Scott as stooped down to a level where he deserves to be Emma's puppet, boy toy, and lap dog. For this reason, they are a perfect match... If Scott could regrasped his former and better self, then please do have them break up. I'm sure Emma could go wait on the corner and find another man pretty fast.
Returns to her evil ways- YES! I believe that is where her character belongs. During the Joss's Torn storyline, I felt Emma was completely in her element as she crossed over the line back to the dark side with her imaginary Hellfire Club. Emma also sees herself as more superior to normal humans, so she doesn't properly follow the good route of peaceful co-existence and equality. I think she could easily rejoin the dark side with her superior ideology. 
Well those are my thoughts, and my intent wasn't to bash Emma. I just had to explain my thought process behind my answers. And if I did want to bash her, this would be considered pretty tame.
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Was going to die or be killed off   -   Wouldn't be happy at all
Be less in the spotlight  -  Might bug me a little bit, but everyone needs some 'personal' time
Be depowered  -  Only if it were a temporary thing, it would be interesting to see how she would react to that
Become a mother  -  Can't really imagine this happening, maybe her getting pregnant and ending up with a miscarriage or possibly an abortion
Break up with Scott  -  I'm kinda fond of the coupling but would be amusing to see whether she truly would be heart broken or not

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Was going to die or be killed off: Upset. Not surprise though either given how easily spotlight characters get the axe (see Bucky and Rikki Barnes).
Be less in the spotlight: Ask Dazzler if she's seen Emma around whenever I see her again too. Maybe Storm knows?
Be depowered: Nonplussed.
Become a mother: Nonplussed, mucho'.
Break up with Scott: I see this as an inevitable trap door. An already written plot device as it were.
What if she return to her evil ways? : They've gone great lengths to establish that Emma was never actually evil, but on her own side and had less than sinister motivations, so I would be thrown for a loop by this.
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Was going to die or be killed off: Depends on how well done it would be.
Be less in the spolight : Love Emma but i would like her so share the spotlight more.
Be depowered : Ripping i would be so annoyed
Become a mother: o.O Id be in shock.
Break up with Scott: There good together but i still don't really like Cyclops that much so id be fine with it.
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Was going to die or be killed off: She will be back in a month like the rest so wouldnt mind that much
Be less in the spolight: Boring
Be depowered: Pissed
Become a mother: Dont she have the The Cuckoos (I know she didnt give birth to them) should probely be as good mother to a birth child as to them
Break up with Scott: As Namor said He married the red haired one she deserve someone better

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Was going to die or be killed off - Would be upset. She is a great addition to the X-Men
Be less in the spolight - Would be OK with this. She has had a good stint of time in the forefront
Be depowered - Would suck. She (and the team) need her massive TP
Become a mother - Would be OK
Break up with Scott - Would be OK
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Was going to die or be killed off ; If it was done properly and not just as a cheap stunt then i would be fine with it but i wouldnt want her to come back 

Be less in the spotlight;  Depending on her reasons for leaving the spotlight and who she was giving it up for
Be de powered; Just ridiculous 
Become a mother; I would like to see how her character would change but she is already a motherly figure to the Cuckoos (even though they hate her atm) 

Break up with Scott; same as if she dies i would want it to mean something for the characters and not just be because a certain character comes back from the dead.

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