I dont get it ]=

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The thing isn't solid and emma just made it where if he/she solidifies it kills it just like it would kill scott. A solid hand in the brain doesn't do well for the living

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Ok...but the girl going solid...emma's hand would still be in her brain...and wouldnt emma's hand shatter off if she did go solid?

When i first read it i thought it meant emma could phase too...yeah....i'm the recpient of the "dumb dumb" award. lol

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pixelized says:

" how?"

If this chick isn't a solid like normal people it's obvious she's made of some form of matter in which she can put her hands through people.So Emma decided to put her hand...possibly where her brain is so if she becomes solid again her hand would be in her brain.

I guess.

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She is phased and has her hand through Cykes head. Then Emma puts her diamond hand through her phased head. If she solidifies, her hand occupies the same space as Scott's brain, destroying it, but also Ms. Frost's hand occupies the same space as her brain, destroying hers. Thus it's a phased Mexican stand off.

Does that help?

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